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Suga-T Contributes a Musical Exhibition at HER Museum

Suga-T contributes a musical album exhibit as a launch of the Healthy Arts Division in the HER Museum titled HEIRESS I AM, starting off with a Hip Hop Her campaign targeting girls, women, artists and communities. This limited engagement exhibition is curated to empower women and girls through the use of Positive Hip Hop and Imagery. The soundtrack is one of Suga-T’s greatest musical works and includes 2 bonus tracks from Shanico. Proceeds support the HER Museum’s Healthy Arts Division.
The Hip Hop Healthy campaign starts by using Hip Hop & Soul music to address violence, women’s mental, economic, artistic and physical development, as well as promoting overall community wellness encouraging healthy arts and lifestyle for women and girls, while promoting well communities.  

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As a social entrepreneur, Suga-T has put a lot of work into music, community and family.

She learned early, the power of hard work and persistence.  Suga-T became an entrepreneur at 8 years old with her grandfather.  Music has been part of her entire life; starting with leading the choir at the age of 5 while being coached by her mom and aunts, and introduced to instruments by her musician father. 

Being coached and mentored by her brothers as an executive, allowed her to create many successful brands in a male dominated industry.

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