SLAY Butter Scrub, Creme, Wash and Fragrance Oil

Reward a lady or yourself with youth, vibrance, shimmer, beauty and relaxation all at once. This gift set includes a Sugar Butter Scrub & Wash. You can keep your hands and skin soft and vibrant “Sprinkle Me Endorsed ” By The Legendary Suga-T of E40 & The Click. The Slay Butter Collection of Shimmer Slay Butter, Slay Butter Wash, Slay Butter Scrub is all made with citrus, shea butter, vanilla, grape oil and sugar.


  • 4 oz Shimmer Slay Butter Scrub
  • 4 oz Slay Butter Creme
  • 1-2 oz Slay Butter Wash
  • 3/4  oz Lady Fragrance Oil